I thought that I should make my way back into my blog before I was forgotten by all of my avid fans in the blogosphere.  It has been a busy period on the work front at the College. We have an Institutional Review in two weeks and a full Programmatic Review in the School of Business and we await the imminent announcement of who will be our new President at NCI. The grapevine and the rumour mills are in overdrive but some things you just know because you are smart! Enough said. It’s all good fun.  A new dawn beckons, a new door opens, sliding doors, ifs and buts…you get where I am going with this and sure isn’t it all exciting!

So I am going to leave you with a little poem that I wrote one night in Liverpool some years ago. It was a period of my life where I was confronting some indecision. Usually I am quite positive and won’t worry something for too long but now and then it is really healthy to reflect. This blog is reflective. My blog critics accuse me of being morose too often but that is not what it is about. I have always encouraged honest reflection and introspection in my classes. I encourage students to keep reflective diaries. Sometimes you just have to venture to the outer reaches of your being and to project yourself beyond that to see who you really are and to find the answer. This short poem was one such reflective attempt. I had better hurry up and post it as I think I hear the men in white coats approaching along the corridor…

The Worn Out Remains

It’s all ebb now,

The flow is gone,

Gravity the mystery

That leaves me alone;

What am I looking for?

What do I try to carve

From the worn out remains?

What do I now have?

Somewhere in the dark night,

Lives that thing

That once was mine,

Not true, ours actually,


Can I fashion you again

From the ruins of what we haven’t?

I think I’d like that;

What will be wasn’t.

Have a good one! God speed Man Utd on their run to glory and may Tyrone show Donegal who reigns supreme in the Kingdom of Ulster!