What a globular sight!

Orange cleaner, falling night,

The smell of fish, stinking, right?

Shadowy hands and mind sublime,

The blanket, crumpled, creviced,

Bloodied thoughts that rape

The mind and savage the noble breast,

And men, who were depressed,

While busy women guessed,

The great unwashed they dressed

In hand-me-downs,

Bright kids, stupid kids

Wore puzzled frowns,

The scene replete with garish clowns,

The image plundered deep

Into the darkest recesses of his being,

Him seeing, a panorama, a jig-saw,

Stray dog peeing

On an Athen’s street

A rabid litter invaded the agora of

our mind,

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Coach,

The lack of grind,

As Plato stood beneath Athena’s glance,

And he was led a merry, very scary dance,

As the Piper of Nike swirled around

Within his head,

And he imploded into the living dead…