One autumn evening as a I walked back from class across Abercromby Square in Liverpool I encountered a leaf. It was a strangely inspiring experience so as soon as I made it back to my office I put pen to paper and this was the result.  Enjoy!

Abercromby Square

 A leaf danced with me in the breeze tonight,

I say danced but it was more of a challenge,

It teased me; the way leaves do and

Hugged me close and let me go again.

Chestnut brown, with deep dark pools and

A buried kokipelli and gentle kiss upon

My stiffening neck and then a gust, a choir,

As if the entire populace wanted to disentangle me

From a romantic two-step as she, suddenly and

Without the slightest hint or warning,

Engaged in Bonoparte’s retreat.

A panic crushes me as I fear crushing

Her in the assembled collage of my life

That lays strewn beneath and all around

Arrythymic feet that searched for her.

I guess that she awaits a gentle breeze

To lift her skywards.

I search again in fits and starts but

Again to no avail and all I see

Are yellows, golds and many browns,

Occasional reds, and blacks that will

Give comfort in some others’ beds.

At least I can reflect that I, yes me

Did at least enjoy my moment (yes a moment)

Getting close to thee.

We almost saw the winter out and did

Enjoy some glimpses of the spring.

A leaf danced with me in the breeze tonight

Not a random leaf, a special leaf, a very special leaf