Is it coincidental that the day after the aptly named “massacre budget”  I get to spend my entire day in school budget meetings?! Now in fairness the school budget sessions were no massacres, nor battles, nor skirmishes, nor even tantamount to  Saturday night brawls in a Moneygall bar but with regard to the big yin  it would be a pretty good time for Charles Dickens to make a comeback with the Dáil becoming something of a very Bleak House and all that!

Sure wouldn’t it be downright inconsiderate of me not to have a good moan about the only budget show in town …so when I am finished my yard sale, selling my house, downgrading my car and rounding up those expensive but now clearly unnecessary and unwanted post-budget designer accessories called children I will deliver the moan of all moans!!!

So anyhow, given that my staff are largely young married women with children I will no doubt have a glut of resignations, a reasonable series of pleas (demands) for pay rises and a brain drain to the increasingly attractive and  inexpensive pleasure of being a stay-at-home parent… and who’d blame them? Thanks Brian and Brian!!! Nice way to kill my buzz! Oh and before I am accused of being sexist this statement is equally applicable to all my male staff as well! Just thinking…that includes me!

On more mundane matters it looks like my mouth engaged before my brain did on the Manchester United thing…or did it? Now we have to do in Porto what no other English team has hitherto achieved…but a team of firsts and all that good stuff.

Did I tell you by the way that I drive to Newry each day to catch the Enterprise to Dublin. I have two reasons for saying this:

1. It’s been standing room only this week…it’s a nice trick actually…they reduce the number of carriages to save money or to make the train look busy…or could it be?…no it couldn’t be?…surely?…not bad customer service?!

2. I have now revealed my travel habits so I was thinking if you want me to pick up some cheap northern goodies just give me a shout. Cash only please…nudge, nudge, wink, wink…brown envelopes preferred 😉

As my good friend so often says-“It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!”

Por la manana!